Edge Computing: Use Cases and Benefits for Electrical Grids

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15 décembre 2022

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At a time when the electricity system is becoming increasingly decentralised, edge computing technologies can have many applications for smart grids. The exploitation of data as close as possible to their source of emission has indeed clear advantages to support the decentralisation of the operation of the electricity network.


The webinar will present the applications of grid edge technologies for smart grids, illustrated by concrete use cases. The panelists will explain the benefits (performance and resilience, reduced cloud and telecommunication costs, new services, data privacy, etc.), but also the challenges (cybersecurity, additional complexity, skills, industrial challenges, etc.).

  • Clément Paris, R&D head projects, EDF
  • Jacques MARTIN, Energy & Utilities R&D Manager, ATOS
  • Guillaume Giraud, R&D engineer, head of project Future Architectures for Power System Control, RTE (French TSO)
  • Abdourrahmane CHRAIBI, AMI Division – International Projects Manager, Enedis (French DSO)
  • Sandra Castellanos, posdoctoral researcher in computer science at the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA)


  • Michel Béna, R&D deputy Director for RTE
  • Régis Le Drézen, Managing director, Think Smartgrids



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  • 15 décembre 2022 17h00   -   17h00
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